Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Melek Can Dickerson

btw - the VF article on sibel is available here
"(sibel) was surprised to discover that until her arrival the F.B.I. had employed no Turkish-language specialists at all. In early October she was joined by a second Turkish translator, who had been hired despite his having failed language-proficiency tests. Several weeks later, a third Turkish speaker joined the department: Melek Can Dickerson. In her application for the job, she wrote that she had not previously worked in America. In fact, however, she had spent two years as an intern at an organization that figured in many of the wiretaps—the American-Turkish Council. "
the funny thing is, sibel had been trying to get a job there for 3 years or something, apparently waiting on her TopSecret clearance - which arrived, magically, 2 days after 911. so it would appear that the incriminating wiretaps were mostly in turkish - did the criminals speaking turkish somehow know that there werent any turkish translators?

and then they hire a guy who cant speak the language properly, and then they hire Melek Can Dickerson, who happened to have worked for the ATC, and who apparently knew to lie about having worked there. according to the VF quote above, she was employed 'several weeks' after 'early october' - lets call it Nov 1, and within a month, the Dickersons were trying to recruit sibel. thats some pretty quick moving.

how did Melek get the job? when did she apply? is did her hubby plant her?


Anonymous said...

Another questions that begs asking is why did Dickerson and her husband leave the country?

Great research btw I think you've connected the dots. I tried after one of Edmond's interviews but it was sketchy at the time. Great work. Kudos.

Too bad the media will never pick up on this. One question, Atta was reported to have been on Abramoff's SunCruz gambling boat a few days before 9/11. How does this fit in? Any idea?

lukery said...

hi - thnx for the comment. i've answered the question about abramoff here