Wednesday, August 24, 2005

invisible dead brazilian

apologies for my earlier comments about wapo speculating whether there was any dead brazilian cctv.
"John Cummins, a senior IPCC investigating officer, told the hearing there was still a "considerable amount of fresh work to be done" in their investigation.

Amid conflicting reports over whether CCTV cameras had captured the Brazilian's last moments, he told the hearing he had received a "comprehensive handover package" from the Metropolitan Police, but declined to say whether it included video footage.

The Independent has learnt that the surveillance camera that would have filmed Mr de Menezes being shot dead was providing "live'' pictures but, because of a malfunction, did not record any images.

Anti-terrorist police who seized footage from cameras at Stockwell hours after the attempted bombings on 21 July discovered that at least one camera was recording blank pictures. The faulty camera was believed to be on the Northern line where Mr de Menezes was shot dead.

Because of the malfunction, the camera was showing live pictures to Tube staff monitoring them, but when police studied the tape it was blank. That could explain why Tube staff have insisted that cameras were working at Stockwell yet the leaked police reports into the shooting say that they were malfunctioning.

It is unclear whether any of the other surveillance cameras were working on the Northern line platform where the shooting took place but even if they were, it was suggested that they were pointing away from the shooting." (link)
please tell me they are fucking kidding. where will the lies end? and again, i call on The Independent (and The Guardian) to please start practising journalism again. "That could explain..."??? wtf? is there another possible explanation? isnt it time to be at least a little bit incredulous? if not after the last 3 years, then at least after the last month? how heartbreaking it is to learn that the independent and the guardian are indistinguishable from murdoch. jeebus!

the cctvs on the bus on 7/7 were all broken (or 'they dont work when the bus engine isnt going' or 'the bus driver needs to manually turn them on, but he forgot'). theres no footage from kingscross, apparently, or at least we cant see it. there's no video from the surveillance team when dead brazilian left home because 'they were saving batteries' and the guy was 'relieving himself' - and now it looks like there wasnt any video footage of the last moments of the dead brazilian - because (take your pick) a) the videos were removed the previous day (and not replaced) b) they were all working except the one in the death carriage c) they were working but not pointing to the middle of the carriage. d) the cameras were working and pointing in the correct direction and people actually saw what happened, but somehow werent recording.

i wonder whether the train driver has a bank of cctv screens? that wouldnt seem out of the ordinary. perhaps thats why, after the innocent brazilian was shot, the special services folk chased down the driver and put a gun to his head and scared the shit out of him. i guess that would explain it. lets hope the ipcc is chatting to him - and offering him witness protection.

the whole 'disappearing cctv' thing could also explain this article from the eve before the itv story on the leaked ipcc report which claimed that there was no cctv footage - even though we were about to be treated with some pictures.
"In the absence of CCTV footage the inquiry will have to rely on the testimony of eyewitnesses, though many of those who claim to have seen the incident have provided contradictory accounts of what happened."

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