Friday, January 06, 2006

doug feith planting wmds in iraq?

* in a new article, larisa seems to be suggesting that Feith's OSP sent special-ops into iraq to plant WMD's. you'll have to read the whole thing, but here's a snippet:
"One intelligence source says the Office of Special Plans’ off-book team was using Speicher and WMD as a pretext for whatever their real objective may have been."
This is around the same time that Brewster Jennings was outed. Is it possible that the two events are related? It's always been a mystery why the maladministration didnt plant WMD's in Iraq - is it possible that they were planning to smuggle some in through Turkey and BrewsterJennings learnt about the scheme? If so, did BJ specifically learn that the neocons were involved? or did BJ only learn the transaction and trafficking details?

Remember, Sibel points specifically to Feith and his role (with Perle) in 'lobbying' for Turkey, and specifically points to Feith as the bridge between plamegate and sibelgate - and, of course, Edelman was pulled out of Turkey and put directly into Feith's position.

I've been hoping that Larisa would break a story about BJ - she's chosen an odd entree piece to tiptoe into the waters. Let's hope there's some more from her. and soon.

update: just as a speculaative aside, wouldn't it weird if journo's knew this story all the time, and this is why they've kept their mouth shut? remember that someone leaked something about this story to pincus and IIRC, pincus 'didnt believe' it. imagine if someone was counter-leaking the story that larisa is now telling and pincus ignored it because it was too fantastical. maybe that's why the journo's have all behaved so bizarrely during traitorgate.

correction: pincus actually says: "I didn’t write about that information at that time because I did not believe it true that she had arranged his Niger trip."


Anonymous said...

Two more things to think about.

First, Edelman and David Wurmser seem to be very closely linked. Wurmser's two transfers (from OSP to Bolton and then to OVP) seemed to happen at the same time as Edelman's (he was moved to OVP, IIRC, to replace Edelman when he became Ambassador to Turkey. And Wurmser has long been suspected of being either the vehicle of Plame's identity (via Bolton's office) or a leaker at a lower level to journalists.

Also, Judy did report one story, I think, from Task Force 20.

I'm still working on my Mahdi Obeidi series (the Iraqi centrifuge guy, who I suspect was set up to "uncover" his centrifuge in his back yard). ANd I've got reason to believe that Chalabi/Judy were after him.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that was from me.


lukery said...

EW - interesting.

another curiosity is that Grossman's predecessor in Turkey, Mark Parris, is now at WINEP. perhaps that is the channel to wurmser.

btw - i made a comment over at your Atta post the other day about BKSH (i've written a bunch of bosts about them). There's a rich vein of scandal there involving chalabi (he is a bksh client). BKSH is also a subcontractor to Lincoln in Iraq (and also is associated with Matthew Freedman of Bolton fame.) It's basically just more of the same GOP-finacing slush-fund.