Thursday, January 05, 2006

sibel, brewster jennings

the other day, i told you that sibel gave me four 'dots' but one of them was redacted, pending an announcement.

that announcement came out today, so here, in full, are sibel's four dots that she specifically pointed me to before we'd spoken.
Here is another dot for you:
  • Judge Walton, my original judge (on State Secret Privilege) happened to be 'randomly' appointed to Libby/Plame case. More on Walton later (how he ended up with my case...).
  • Joe Wilson met his wife, Plame, at ATC (American Turkish Council) in 1997. Look up his book, it is there.
  • Brewster Jennings, Plame, dealt with ATC, ATA, and Turkey a lot. Her UC job took her to Turkey more than 4-5 times to Turkey between 1997 & 2001. This info has been printed on the front-page of main Turkish papers.
  • IAI, International Advisors Inc, owned & operated by Perle & Feith, was set up & registered as 'Agents for Turkey.'
i'd previously redacted the first point about the judge.

the pattern seems quite clear - the first 3 scream that traitorgate and sibel-gate are the same story. and depending how you interpret the last point, either it fits into the same pattern as 1-3 and is somehow supposed to indicate that traitorgate and sibel-gate are the same story OR, and perhaps more likely, the final point is a 'conclusion' - that is, sibel sets up the story by saying, thrice, that traitorgate and sibel-gate are the same story, and her final point is the conclusion - i.e. perle and feith outed brewster jennings in order to protect a drug and arms smuggling network through turkey, and sibel knows this because she listened to it all when she was translating the tapes from the ATC and elsewhere.

its not obvious whether she sends those four talking points to everyone she contacts, or whether she tailor-made them for me after having read some of my posts. my guess is that she sends them to everyone becuase she'd already read my posts which suggest that the target was brewsterjennings, not plame.

if its true that she sends the same talking points to everyone, then you can see how she might get frustrated when the media doesnt understand her point. it'd be like playing charades with someone you didnt know was blind.

in case you didnt read the 'announcement', sibel keeps getting stuck with the same judge, although the allocation process is supposedly random. coincidentally, its the same judge that is in charge of scooter's case. and coincidentally, his entire financial history is as redacted as sibel's country of origin. i asked the firedoglake crew to comment on whether it looks like anything fishy is going on.

interestingly, deliso identified other dodgy judges: "Along with Walton, notes Professor Weaver, these judges are Ricardo Urbina, Royce C. Lamberth, and Kathleen Kollar-Kotelly." Urbina is the judge that gave Karni just 3 years in jail for trafficking $2m worth of nuclear switches and whatnot. Firedoglake has lots of questions about whether there arent similar concerns with alice fisher who is handling the abramoff case for the DoJ

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