Tuesday, January 03, 2006

turkey iran

* scott has a must-read post about war with iran, summarising some of his interviews through the year.

* the good roger ailes (TM) : "The incest on today's Meet the Press was thicker than on a Tennessee family tree." (link)

* michael rubin has been working for lincoln. (link)

* it appears as though nobody really has a clue why the maladministration decided to stop using FISA, or who they are spying on, or why.

* here's an early article based on Risen's new book "on the government's secret anti-terrorism operations" - it's the AP, so they probably missed the most interesting stuff.

* "Turkey said on Monday that newspaper reports which say the United States has asked Ankara for permission to use military bases in Turkey for possible attacks on neighbouring Iran are not connected with reality." (link)
note that they are not denying that they have been told that there might be an attack on iran.

* a reader emailed me chiding me for mostly ignoring apostrophes and capitalization - and with good cause. i never actually read my blog so i dont notice if it can be difficult to read and whatnot. so i'll (!) try to improve - but be warned, old habits die hard. are there any other issues that make the blog difficult to read? colours? font size?

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