Sunday, February 26, 2006

more 911 skyscraper blueprints and building composites

Further to my posts (here and here) about 'terrorists' receiving building blueprints and building composites for certain skyscrapers in July and August 2001...

(update: hello xymphorans. note that i refer to 'terrorists' - not osama)

In that first post I wrote:
"Regardless, the question remains - why were the plotters of 911 interested in blueprints and the construction materials of these skyscrapers? And perhaps even more interesting, why did they wait until their plot was well underway to source this information - presumably as some sort of afterthought?"
Damien has a theory:
"This is on the WTC plans/composition etc being passed to Middle East a few months before 911, as witnessed by S.Edmonds.

Assume there is a network of rogue US/CIA intelligence agents acting with operatives in Saudi & Pakistan (& even Israeli) intelligence and the neocon's drugs/arms networks. It is essentially a network for crime run by the neocons. Call it RogueNet. Assume OBL planned the plane attacks, but that the terrorists were spotted early on by RogueNet. The neocons then decide to let 911 run and get some benefits by helping it along. They install the explosives in the buildings and deflect FBI inquiries in the months leading up to 911.

OBL has no knowledge of any bombs(too hard to for him to organise). But, Sibel witnesses building plans being passed to RogueNet operatives in the Middle East by neocon handlers. Of particular interest here could be Mossad members of RogueNet interested in reviewing demolition plans to ensure its success, or to coordinate removal of Israeli citizens. (I don't particularly support the Mossad did it school, but some elements of Mossad may have supported the neocons for their own political reasons).

Certainly, the plans would not likely have been provided to OBL to organise the attack (insufficient time, and too far away). Rather I suspect it was for reviewing the plans that were in place already. The interested parties: other RogueNet operatives."
That's a pretty good theory, although the question remains why on earth they would consider helping the plot along - presumably RogueNet would get nearly all the benefit by simply letting it happen, without any of the associated risks... It's conceivable that they knew that the two towers would withstand the impact of the planes, and for some reason didn't trust that the resultant collective trauma would be sufficient to launch a few wars...?

Some have suggested that Silverstein was involved in some sort of insurance fraud, given that he bought the two towers just seven weeks before 911 (link), and Sibel's blueperints/composites claim would seem to add some weight to that possibility (particularly given the above scenario). However, xymphora does a reasonable job of debunking these claims (here and here), although I'd quibble with some of xymphora's premises & details.

Rereading Sibel:
In October 2001, approximately one month after the Sept. 11 attacks, an agent from one field office (city name omitted) re-sent a certain document to the FBI Washington field office, so that it could be retranslated. This special agent, in light of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, rightfully believed that, considering the suspect under surveillance and the issues involved, the original translation might have missed certain information that could prove to be valuable in the investigation of terrorist activities. After this document was received by the FBI Washington field office and retranslated verbatim, the field agent's hunch appeared to be correct. The new translation revealed certain information regarding blueprints, pictures, and building material for skyscrapers being sent overseas (country name omitted)...."
A few points to note:
1. I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest the Sibel has first-hand knowledge and that she actually translated this document, second time round. Therefore, we can presume that the document was in Turkish, Farsi or Azeri

2. Jan Dickerson didn't join the FBI till the end of October (link), so she presumably wasn't involved here. Therefore there were other people doing dodgy translations. (Sibel doesn't say, but I presume that the original translation was done before 911). Apparently there were people from the DoD who were called in to do translations when needed because there weren't any Turkish translators (!) at the FBI. However, Sibel says that the new translation wasn't sent back to the agent because "This supervisor, Mike Feghali, stated that sending the accurate translation would hurt the original translator and would cause problems for the FBI language department." I presume that we need to take his stated reasons with a grain of salt.

3. The special agent knew that there were bad translations emanating from the FBI - otherwise, why try to get a re-translation?

4. The special agent knew that the suspect was involved in 911 but we still dont know who the suspect was. "This special agent... rightfully believed that, considering the suspect under surveillance and the issues involved..."

5. Sibel and others have stated that "Chicago was actually the center of what was going on", i wonder if "one field office (city name omitted)" refers to Chicago. I wonder if the agent was Robert Wright or John Vincent (maybe the target was Yassin al-Qadi)

more mysteries.

Damien's theory is interesting - anyone else wanna chime in?

One unacknowledged assumption we've been making is that the July/August transmission of the blueprints & composites was the first occasion that this occured - although we have no real reason to believe that. Perhaps this had been happening for a year or more. Perhaps Abu Gonzales was correct when he told us all that terrorists are forgetful folk.

Regardless of all that, one thing we do know is that 'terrorists' were passing blueprints and whatnot around, and we don't have an adequate explanation...

also, of some interest, sibel only talks about skyscrapers - no mention of the empty wing of the pentagon that was hit.


Track said...

I think the blueprints were simply intended to associate Bin Laden with the WTC suggest he was planning where the planes should impact for maximum damage. The public was supposed to think "Wow, Al Qaeda's planning sure was thorough."

I don't believe the success of the operation was dependent on hijackers successfully taking over planes and then flying them into targets located in the most secure airspace on the planet. Therefore, the remote controlled planes theory makes the most sense.

9/11 was a US operation. Al Qaeda played the patsy role.

Anonymous said...

noise - i think that is a compelling argument *except* that 'the public' was never fed this information - so i wonder if something else is going on...

Anonymous said...

Noise, you are correct in implying that the plans seen by Edmonds were likely not needed for planting bombs or demolition charges. And it IS true that the RogueNet cabal like to put the blame on someone else when they are under the blowtorch. So setting up 'plausible denial' would certainly be in keeping with them. But I think there are a couple of factors that suggest an alternative, simpler explanation. I am posting them at the latest discussion (here) but, basically, I believe RogueNet is a longstanding criminal cabal and its principals are very comfortable and overconfident. They are also sloppy on some security features, always believing they can cover any problems by media spin and use of the US executive.

My suspicion is that building plans provided only a month or so before 911 were likely for some kind of briefing, rather than actual bomb installations. But I'm not sure.

You are certainly correct, imo, in saying 911 was a full on inside job by the US, piggybacking on a pitiful bin Laden idea. (He couldn't have got anywhere without ISI support). I was always loathe to believe in the remote controlled planes theory, but a few things have been changing my mind:

The evidence that the hijackers could fly the planes grows dimmer the more it's examined.(link).

Keep in mind all four planes had a 4-button emergency code announcing a hijacking that could be punched in from any of up to any of six locations in each plane. The staff were trained in this procedure. Yet not one of them could get off the code against people armed only with stanley knives.

There's also the business of overpowing pilots in a confined space, people like the tough Charles Burlingame of Flight 77, a number of whom had been combat pilots. The idea they would give themselves up to drug totting Islamic wannabees without a serious fight is just not credible.

There is also the stuff about the impossible cell phone messages.

So I don't really like it but I am coming around to the idea that this was some high tech hijacking. Very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

".. argument *except* that 'the public' was never fed this information"

I have always been a news junkie, but never read in detail about the Bin Laden organisation and the East Africa bombings before 9-11. When on 9-11 I got the phone call, Bin Laden was the first thing that struck my mind and after a few seconds of silence came the militia/ right-wing option.

I am still wondering what I saw on television (it must be) that gave me that initial idea.

Somehow before 9-11 information was presented to me that made me immediately link Bin Laden to it. It probably were several items I saw but not paid much attention to, but it did somehow program me.

So I do think, at least here in the Netherlands (your loyal coalition partner), we have been fed some subtle propaganda in the run-up to the 9-11 attacks. It could be the same documentary style (mostly British produced) crap that the media served me in the run-up to the Iraq war.

lukery said...

anon - thnx for your comments.

actually 'never fed to the public' was explicity referring to the apparent fact that the blueprints were sent to the M.E. - i'd never heard it before until feb of this year.

separately, i also saw a horrifying documentary about obl in nov 2000. i was scared outta my wits!

Anonymous said...

i cant find any proof of any of this. could someone lead me to the source?

Anonymous said...

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