Monday, June 19, 2006

bloggers are evil

* a few days ago, cannon wrote:

"Tomlinson, if you have never heard of him, is a New Zealand-born former agent of MI6 who ran into a great deal of opposition when he tried to publish a book about his years in the service. A list of 116 undercover agents once appeared on a Lyndon LaRouche website, and various voices in the British press insisted that Tomlinson was responsible. He denied the charge and argued that the incident was a set up. (Side note: Various spy agencies have long used the LaRouche organization as a dumping ground for real information, disinformation, and other bits of spook detritus.)

Now the British secret service is making every attempt to squelch and censor Tomlinson's blog, even though he no longer lives in the U.K. You may be interested in what he has to say -- particularly on the subject of British acquiescence in the CIA's "rendition" flights."
I opened that blog when i read cannon's piece originally and had been meaning to read it (it has been 'open' in a window in my browser since then). Now, I just read the first post and it said something about a document that he'd received, and i clicked 'refresh' to see what elese was there, and now the site has been locked.

In similar news, the other day Don pointed to The Dark Wraith - one of his posts was crossposted at 3 different places, on private servers (i.e. not at Blogger). The post got disappeared, twice, independently. He has now reconstructed and republished it. See here.

Don has more here, noting:

"Back to DW's lost posts, it sounds to me like some USG drone somewhere is playing with his new shiny toy net warfare kit and chose a relatively low profile guinea pig. If there's a message here, it isn't in what was deleted, but that it could be deleted.

It's a sign of things to come."

I too am concerned - not least because of Rove's recent 'bloggers are evil' comments, and I've long thought that a terrorist attack would in/advertently be accompanied by the blogosphere being shut down - particularly google/Blogger. FTR, again, my back-up blog is if Blogger ever collapses.


Don said...

On a further comment on his original post (after being notified that it had been found in Google's cache), DW notes he went looking for it and it wasn't there. I too tried the cache searches for several combinations on the post's title for both domains ( and and got squat. Now, after some fuss is made, it's there.

How's the old expression go: once is accident, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action?

lukery said...

yeah - i thought of that quote the other day - and i was still sitting in the "twice" phase...