Monday, June 19, 2006

Rove skated because

"Fred Dwyer at HuffPo (link) fired out the question of why we should be surprised that Rove skated in an investigation run by a Republican-appointed special prosecutor? Why did we pin our hopes on a man whose 'maverick' crededtials had been built up by a media that we have no reason to trust?

These days all the noise in high profile Leftblogistan is made over working within the system to make changes. "Gotta get our Dem candidates in, the DLC is useless and they're gonna support Lieberman as an independent against Lamont, the fuckers."

Others are 'busy' analyzing Busby's loss to see what tactics they have to change, while Brad Friedman is screaming into the silence that the damn thing was probably as fixed as every other Republican win in the last 7 years!

I think the answer goes back to the reason put forth by Mark Crispin Miller , also posted at HuffPo, in an Open Letter to Salon.

Denial and fear.

We pinned so many of our hopes on Fitz that we can't accept the possibility that he was compromised from the start.

We continually bitch over this and that Dem's vote because can't accept that so many Democratic "leaders" are as bought and paid for as their Repug counterparts.

We can't admit that the elections were fixed because that means the cancer has reached the heart of the American democratic system and metastasized.

Rove skated because that's what was in his script for this portion of the show. Busby/Bilbray was the intro act for the 'Elections '06' production. Rove's non-indictment 'exoneration' is just another pro-Republican piece of his great, grand (old party) narrative.

We're all focusing on small pieces of the puzzle. This bastard's still looking at the big picture."


JollyRoger said...

I personally think we'll find out Der Rovesmarschall whored somebody out. Convieniently, of course, this information will not become available until trial time, after the November election cycle.

lukery said...

jollyroger - i hope you are right, and i hope it was cheney. i'm not sure if we'll ever find out, however.

Don said...

If there truly is karma, if there truly is justice in the universe, some day in the (hopefully not-too-distant) future, we'll be seeing a parade of frog-marching RNC dignitaries, hopefully extending across borders to include their international accomplices.

I hear there's a great holding facility at Gitmo that should hold 'em nicely, if in slightly less opulence than they've become accustomed to...

lukery said...

if there truly is justice in the universe then the jail doors would already be locked

Don said...

A commenter in the 6/14 Ash post at TruthOut points to this link, an html-ized PDF entitled RS20214: Federal Grand Juries: The Law in a Nutshell. Specifically he notes a paragraph on pg 5 (emphases mine):

They [the courts] will also dismiss indictments in the name of due process where the prosecution sought indictment selectively for constitutionally impermissible reasons; or for reasons of vindictive retaliation; where the prosecution has secured the indictment through outrageous conduct which shocks the conscience of the court; where the prosecution has unjustifiably delayed seeking an indictment to the detriment of the defendant; where the government knowingly secures the indictment through the presentation of false or perjured testimony; or where a witness is called before the grand jury for the sole purpose of building perjury prosecution against the witness

Hypothetically, could either of the items bolded items be interpreted to apply here?

While we've been busy asking what Ruskin's or Fitz's role in this has been, should we be asking what Walton's role was?

Kathleen said...

Don: Yuck they could, but has Sealed vs Sealed been withdrawn? I don't think so or it would be all over the place.

Jolly Roger: The Libby trial is not set to begin until January 2007, but leading up to that are a kajillion pre trial motions that the prosecutor has to file to be all prepared for the beginning of the trial.., all the Discovery, Interrogqatories, Motions for Production of Dox, Depositions have to be completed by opening of the trial. That means testimony of potential witnesses BEFORE Jan. Not to worry, there'll be electoral collateral damage.