Friday, June 23, 2006

Bush hearts John Howard

* The Australian:
"THE level of violence in some areas of Iraq is worsening dramatically and US forces may soon be asked to leave by the Iraqi Government. In an exclusive interview with The Australian, former US deputy secretary of state Richard Armitage has given a gloomy assessment of the situation.
The most optimistic scenario following a US withdrawal would be that Iraq would become a loose federation -- although the term federation would not be used because it upsets neighbouring Turkey -- with a weak central government.
Mr Armitage was equally gloomy about Afghanistan
But Mr Armitage identified the US-Australian alliance as one of the success stories in Bush foreign policy. He paid the ultimate compliment to the Australian Prime Minister: "Howard got everything he wanted.""
i'm so proud
(thnx kathleen)


romunov said...

I wanna know what drugs these people are on.

lukery said...

do you think they'd share some?

sounds good