Friday, June 23, 2006

"slam dunk" won't come back to haunt us

* delong:
"Zalmay Khalilzad is perhaps the only person working for the Bush administration who has a chance of emerging from it with an undiminished reputation."
* suskind via delong:
"Tenet and McLaughlin don't remember the meeting very well. Tenet... doesn't actually remember ever saying "slam dunk." Doesn't dispute it. Just doesn't remember it. McLaughlin said he never remembered Tent saying "slam dunk" either... doesn't recall Tenet ever... jumping up and waving his arms.

He and Tenet have both told close friends that it was a marketing meeting, not about the actual research, but about presentation. This may be a fine point ofr distinction, but... context is important.... [Bush's] question, McLaughlin recalled, was "whether we could craft a better pitch than this--a PR meeting--it certainly wasn't about the nature of the evidence."

There's one other thing McLaughlin remembers clearly.... McLaughlin said something he'd said several times: "George, sometimes I think we need to be very careful about what we say in that room."

Tenet disagreed. "No, what we say in there won't come back to haunt us. It's what we write down. That's the permanent record. That's what'll count.""
dangerous incompetent people are in charge.

what's your favourite story from suskind so far?
a ) tora bora (link)
b) aug 6 pdb cya (link)
c) torturing a mentally ill man, and then using that feedback (link)
d) other


rimone said...

IMO the 6. august PDB is on a par w/the 'we create our own reality' thing.

lukery said...

they sure did create a heckuva reality