Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bush's foreign policy based on body language

* the other day i mentioned the absurd 'official back story' in the nyt about the iran 'negotiations.

buzzflash took a look at the story - quoting the article, and their comments in brackets:
A meeting she had attended in Berlin days earlier with European foreign ministers had been a disaster, she reported, according to participants in the discussion. Iran was neatly exploiting divisions among the Europeans and Russia, and speeding ahead with its enrichment of uranium. The president grimaced, one aide recalled, interpreting the look as one of exasperation "that said, 'O.K., team, what's the answer?' " [Here, the NYT adopts the bizarre Bush penchant for running foreign policy based on body language. Note, that Bush didn’t say “'O.K., team, what's the answer?' " This is an anonymous source’s interpretation of Bush’s grimace. Doesn’t the NYT think that this is an odd way to determine foreign policy, from a president’s grimace? Apparently not. Doesn’t the NYT wonder why Bush didn’t actually say something? Apparently not.]

That body language [ah, the “leadership” by “body language” school of Bush government is now fully incorporated into an allegedly “factual” news story] touched off a closely held two-month effort to reach a drastically different strategy...
they then go slice/dice the rest of the piece. (which is braver than i could)

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rimone said...

foreign policy based on a probable fart--lovely.