Tuesday, June 06, 2006

* this blog is lucky to have a reader and occasional commentor 'simon' - he first started commenting on my story about the dodgy mobile weapons labs. he recently popped up again debunking my questions about the niger forgeries. see his comments to this post. he hasnt quite convinced me - but he is very smart. and he has a follow up here to my latest post on the same topic. read simon, be smarter.

* this blog is even luckier to have miguel as a reader and commentor. i spoke to sibel today and she was like 'umm - about that miguel guy - when i read what he writes - it's like i wrote it myself'. read miguel, be smarterer. here's a link to some of miguel's comments here.

i dont think i've ever heard a blogger say that their commentors are the BEST EVA - so let me be the first. (and that goes to the rest of you as well. thnx. really.)


Miguel said...


I totally appreciate the compliments. I confess that I don't have any particular brilliance or anything like that, but after I read Sibel's interview with Jim Hogue that was posted across the Internet in May, 2004, I have made it kind of a hobby of mine to write and comment on her case, first for Online Journal, now for your blog.

I've probably spent a lot more hours thinking about all the different angles of Sibel's issues than I should (given that my wife would prefer me to think about things like a better job with more pay), which is why I hope I've been able to make some contribution to a better understanding of exactly what she discovered in her tenure at the FBI .

I think we've got a great group of Commenters/Posters here on Wot Is It Good 4, especially on Sibel's case. I hope we all can keep the momentum going and help push these issues back into the mainstream media, where they belong.

Because, at the end of the day, there are dozens of posters and bloggers giving their opinions on the various issues of the day from Iraq War to the CIA Leak case. But there are only a few of us, at least, that I know of, that are still focused like a laser beam on Sibel Edmonds' case. If we can gradually push awareness of the seriousness of these issues back out to our fellow bloggers, then perhaps we can get to the point where the New York Times will actually be forced to write the story about Sibel that blows the whole case wide open, once and for all.

Simon said...


(For some reason I couldn't get the comment dialogue box to work properly yesterday.)

Many many thanks from me too for your kind words and thoughts.

Just a few words about myself, I'm basically a mechanical engineer who spent quite a few years working on and around some very fast and potent jet aircraft. I worked quite extensively for about eight years as a fitter/rigger/technician on US GD F111Es and Fs, which were stationed in Europe during the latter years of the Cold War. Their weapons bays, at least the non-Pave Tack variety, were always racked and pinned up for B-61 tactical nukes. It certainly focuses the mind knowing you don't want to make a mistake and cause one or two of those babies to accidentally fall out of the sky!

After that I went to Saudi Arabia to assist with the introduction of Tornado ADV aircraft into RSAF service. I stayed there until just after Gulf War I. That in itself was an experience-and-a-half, jumping into full NBC kit (sometimes for real) anything up to five times a day. Anyway, that gave me an interest in Saddam's wonderful WMDs like nothing else would ever do (some would say I might even have an obsession about them).

I don't have my own blog anywhere, but I do get to comment (under various guises) on quite a few. This one here, IMHO, is one of the best.

lukery said...

thanks again to both of you.

i really value your input - and thanks for making me be both smarter and better informed (and saner)

i have no doubt the world would be better if you both had your own blogs - but in the meantime, mi casa, su casa

thnx again