Thursday, June 22, 2006

coerced confessions they knew to be false

* avery walker:
"Jailers at the US base in Guantánamo Bay have coerced confessions they knew to be false, beaten prisoners to the point of disability, and given detainees psychotropic drugs they believed were for common physical ailments, according to an account one former detainee gave RAW STORY."
* tpmm:
"Justice Department lawyers want to consolidate two dozen lawsuits against the spy agency into a single action in the D.C. circuit -- where they will move to dismiss them all because they could endanger state secrets. "

* read taylor marsh's synopsis of Frontline's "Darth Cheney" piece: "Even knowing what happened, nothing prepares you for the unfolding story "The Dark Side" tells about Iraq. We all know it by heart, but to see it laid out again is even more startling than the first time around."

* glenn:
" But scandals of this type take time and significant effort to unfold. An amendment to cut off all funding for the warrantless eavesdropping program -- something unmentionable a few months ago -- almost passed the House last night, and had more than a handful of Republicans supporting it. And the Republican-led House Judiciary Committee spontaneously directed the Justice Department and the President to turn over all documents relating to efforts to "induce" telephone companies to provide calling data on Americans."
* glenn:
"The Weekly Standard obviously recognizes that the real story in the Zarqawi killing is not that the Bush administration heroically killed him in 2006 but that it could have, but chose not to, eliminate him in 2002. And it made that decision for the basest and most corrupt of reasons. It was hell-bent on invading Iraq no matter the circumstances, and it needed Zarqawi's presence in Iraq to help "prove" the extremely precarious if not non-existent connection between Iraq and international terrorism."

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