Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lieberman's "crusade or jihad"

* wapo via kathleen:
""I know I'm taking a position that is not popular within the party," Lieberman told Broder, "but that is a challenge for the party -- whether it will accept diversity of opinion or is on a kind of crusade or jihad of its own to have everybody toe the line. No successful political party has ever done that.""
hysterical for about 8 different reasons.

* Wake Up continues his/her superb job explaining cr128 and imposed immunity, and why it makes no sense in the comments here and here. for example:
"The "128" argument falls apart BOTH because of the date and because it is improper for a prosecutor to use an indictment he does not intend to proceed with as coercion.

AGAIN, I will clarify that there are TWO "128" cases, but only one is sealed. the one in magistrate court is NOT SEALED and we KNOW it pertains to a miscellaneous action filed by reporters to quash subpoenas issued by Fitzgerald. The SEALED "128" is a criminal action filed either May 16 or May 17. (i.e., between 127 and 129)"

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Kathleen said...

Who says Fitz does not intend to use the Sealed vs Sealed indictment? Rove could simply be one of the named defendants in it.

Wayne Madsen Report reported two indictments filed around the same time, one US vs. Sealed and one Sealed vs Sealed, but I don't remember any other details about US vs. Sealed.