Wednesday, June 07, 2006

coulter is outrageous

* froomkin will be liveonline wednesday. submit your question here.
My question:
"Regarding Hastert's pushback re the FBI/Jefferson raid, do you think it is possible that Hastert's office contains the evidence of the bribery allegations detailed in Vanity Fair's article "An Inconvenient Patriot"?"
* AP via RawStory:
""In a major concession, the United States is prepared to provide Iran with some nuclear technology if it stops enriching uranium, diplomats said Tuesday."

* AP via RawStory:
" Personal data on about 2.2 million active-duty military, Guard and Reserve personnel - not just 50,000 as initially believed - were among those stolen from a Veterans Affairs employee last month, the government said Tuesday."

* guardian:
"Indeed, the emotional charge running through An Inconvenient Truth, and indeed Gore's speech at Hay, is that 2000 represented not just a personal blow to Gore but a terrible setback for the planet. The world's only superpower was within a few hanging chads of having a conviction environmentalist at the helm. Surely with the power of the White House, he would have acted to slow America's vast output of carbon emissions. You watch the movie, including the archive shots of Florida, and curse the planet's bad luck."
* bradblog has the video of rfk2 on blitzer.

* speaking of gore and rfk2 - i saw a video of a speech that rfk2 gave on the environment a while back. it was terrific.

* everyone is taking coulter to task for being outrageous. here's ron's take.


rimone said...

AC--the thin white puke. i mailed NBC to complain yesterday and i actually held back my usual language.

lukery said...

i bet nbc got swamped today.

but given that Solomon got himself an award from AP for slandering harry reid, the bosses at NBC might give themselves a bonus

Don said...

* bradblog has the video of rfk2 on blitzer.

RFK2 gets 10 minutes on CNN shared with a conservative mouthpiece, moderated by a media whore, and McCarthy-wannabe Coulter gets the Today show?! You know your country's fucked up when...

OTOH, RFK2 get's Colbert next week...

Side note: Is it just me or is he not looking completely healthy these days?

Don said...

From the AP:

The VA initially disclosed the burglary May 22, saying it involved the names, birth dates and Social Security numbers - and in some cases, disability codes - of veterans discharged since 1975.

Since then, it also has acknowledged after an internal investigation that the data could also include phone numbers and addresses of those veterans.

In non-accountability land, if they admit 80% of current active service personnel, that means that we should be discovering any day that the database contained full files on everyone who's worn a uniform for the last 50 years, including presumably General officers and staff.

So a prospective buyer for said data would have name, DoB, SSN, Ph# and address (at least) on everyone. So who could possibly have any interest in a 26.5-million record database with all that data (Choicepoint et. al.) and what could they possibly want it for (roll scrubbing, caging lists, God knows what else)?

ID theft, my ass...

lukery said...


your idealism is waning.

it's no accident the way the roll out these stories - ive seen it so many times now - first the limited hangout - some initial outrage, then roll out the real story a few days later.

and first the blame it on a 'lone employee' taking a cd home (wtf?) yada yada

damien said...

Three cases of derelict (or enterprising) information management spring to my mind:

-- FBI agent John O'Neill's investigations into bin Laden - Saudi links were shut down by Bush before 9/11. O'Neill had misplaced a briefcase of classified documents during an FBI convention in Tampa which, when recovered, appeared not to have been interfered with. Yet this got lengthy coverage in WAPO and NYT just three weeks before 9/11. Facing career failure, he took on the job of head of security at the WTC towers and died there on 9/11. 1

-- Carlyle owned Investigations Services (USIS) has unfettered access to all US federal employee service records and the security details on Iraqi contractors. Col. Ted Westhusing was 'suicided' for threatening to uncover USIS illegal killings and the torture of Iraqis and allegedly discovered links between USIS principals and clandestine events dating from Iran-Contra. 1 2 3

-- "Former National Security Agency (NSA) signals intelligence analyst Kenneth Ford Jr., whose May 2003 analysis of Iraqi communications concluded that the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was not proven and was subsequently set up by the NSA, the FBI, and Justice Department in a crafty sting operation that included a classified document being placed within his home by an FBI contractor-confidential informant -- all with the approval of NSA's then-Director Michael Hayden." 1 2