Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Christine DeLay. again.

* wapo:
"A registered lobbyist (Ed Buckham) opened a retirement account in the late 1990s for the wife of then-House Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and contributed thousands of dollars to it while also paying her a salary to work for him from her home in Texas, according to sources, documents and DeLay's attorney, Richard Cullen.
The Washington Post previously disclosed that from 1998 to 2002, Buckham's lobbying firm, Alexander Strategy Group, paid Christine DeLay a monthly salary averaging between $3,200 and $3,400. Cullen initially said the payments were for telephone calls she made periodically to the offices of certain members of Congress seeking the names of their favorite charities. Christine DeLay then forwarded that information to Buckham, along with some information about those charities.

Last week, Cullen said the payments were also for general political consulting Christine DeLay provided to her husband. Cullen said he does not have complete records of the salary payments or the dates when Christine DeLay performed the work from the couple's home in Sugar Land, Tex. But a source familiar with the pay records said the total she received from the Alexander Strategy Group was about $115,000.

Together with the retirement account worth about $25,000, this means the family's total financial benefits from entities at least partly controlled by Buckham exceeded $490,300.

Before being paid by ARMPAC for political consulting, Christine DeLay, a homemaker and advocate for foster care, had not done paid work of that type."
Right. I caught them out in this lie way-back - and nobody would listen to me :-(

It was a bribe, and they lied.

And you'll notice in my post, that originally there was no such work on charity lists, and they specifically said that the money was coming from ARMPAC.



rimone said...

they're all liars and will continue to lie cause nobody smacks them down. and although i usually 'take it from whom it comes' and/or see if the source of whatever has any cred/veracity, i think the following from jim jones (of all people) should be a message to Dems and Libs and Progressives:

If I'd hated a little more -— just a little more -— we would've had a little less trouble.

lukery said...

if we'd rioted a little more in 2000 - al gore might be president. and 150,000 iraqis might still be alive.


rimone said...

exactly. bah...

Anonymous said...

That is just great, taking advice from Jim Jones sounds like a really great idea! After all, we all know what a great and wise leader he turned out to be...