Sunday, June 11, 2006

irony is dead

via ron, civil engine (friday):

Today’s headline at CNN:

U.S.: Al-Zarqawi struggled on stretcher, then died

Tomorrow’s headline:

U.S.: Al-Zarqawi, while stuggling on stretcher, admits “I’m in severe pain! I hate this!”

The day after tomorrow’s headline:

U.S.: While Zarqawi was expressing his pain, he cried

The day after the day after tomorrow’s headline:

U.S.: Tests show high concentrations of sulfuric acid in Zarqawi’s tears

Next week’s headline:

U.S.: DNA tests show that Zarqawi had the “gay” gene

Next month’s headline:

U.S.: Documents recovered from bombing site show Zarqawi as having little to no control over anything in Iraq

…and it goes on…

Speaking of documents, though, don’t you think the bombs destroyed any correspondence or piece of material that might help the U.S. kill more Al Qaeda in Iraq? Wouldn’t that kind of information be kind of more important than killing Zarqawi?

Just asking…

a follow up post:
" Well, if you read my earlier Zarqawi post, one of my predicitions came true (sort of). I found the following story today at MSNBC:

Women’s clothing found at al-Zarqawi house

They were even leopard print so that must mean he was really gay.

MSNBC also mentioned this in the same story:

A few feet away was a magazine picture of former President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Okay.. So let me give you a rundown of what we’ve been told about Zarqawi:

1) He was killed.
2) Before he actually died he was writhing in pain.
3) There was kinky lingerie in his house.
4) He had a picture of the most famous Democrat ever.
5) He was found via phone tapping.

I can’t wait to see what else we find out about Zarqawi.

Here are my updated guesses:

1) He wrote a letter lamenting the passing of the Patriot Act.
2) Plans are found to dress up like a Mexican and cross the Mexico-US border.
3) One of Zarqawi’s shirts has “I Vote Democrat” emblazoned on it.
4) A letter stating that he’s afraid of George W. Bush.

I’ll keep track."

actually, number 4 already happened months ago.

i remember the post -911 "irony is dead" days. at this point, im prepared to believe that it was the PNAC people who planted the "irony is dead" meme.

how ironic.

as always with these clowns, the whole premise has become a charicature of itself

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