Sunday, June 11, 2006

* amy goodman:
"Minutes after Zarqawi's death was announced, the Iraq government said it had finally agreed on appointees to fill positions in charge of interior, defense and national security."
* TinFoilHatter Jeralyn:
"Military Revises Zarqawi Death Details....Again

The New York Times tracks the ever-changing details of al-Zarqawi's assassination."
i think she hates freedom.

she continues:

As for the questions that remain:

(NYT:) Chief among them was how Mr. Zarqawi, the terrorist leader killed Wednesday in the airstrike, could have survived for even a few minutes after the attack, as American officers say he did, when everything else around him was obliterated. Concrete blocks, walls, a fence, tin cans, palm trees, a washing machine: everything at the Hibhib scene was shredded or blown to pieces.

It seemed puzzling, too, given the destruction and the condition of the other bodies, how Mr. Zarqawi's head and upper body -- shown on televisions across the world -- could have remained largely intact.

jeebus. ya know there's something seriously wrong when neither the nyt nor the wapo don't believe your story.

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Kathleen said...

Well, as long as Joe Six Pack does, that's all that matters. Maybe Dopey can autograph some copies of the Niger forgeries and send them out to his supporters??? Whatever spikes his numbers, folks.