Saturday, June 03, 2006

is feingold too smart to be president?

* this via kathleen:
"Is this man too smart to be president? When Russ Feingold talks about how national security and foreign policy intersect, you think this man might just know what he's talking about. His ideas don't sound canned or full of buzz phrases, nor do they appeal to fear. Plus, they make sense."
* tpmm:
"Scanlon and Abramoff were both scheduled to meet with the judge on June 6th, at which time they might have set a sentencing date. But prosecutors have asked to put that off until September 6th, because they "anticipate that Mr. Abramoff’s cooperation will continue for the foreseeable future," according to their motion yesterday."

* AP:
"A federal judge will go ahead with hearings in a legal challenge to a warrantless domestic surveillance program run by the National Security Agency."
* read reddhedd on consitutional pornography.

* arkin:
"The incident at Haditha, conventional wisdom now has it, threatens to undermine the entire Iraq war effort.
How convenient: The President says he is troubled by what he has heard and vows that the guilty "will be punished." But months or years down the road, he and his advisors will lament that Haditha occured just when they were winning. "

* i've noticed in condi's last few telly interviews (lehrer and cnn) this week that she's always got a skirt above her knee - and apparently the instructions are that the cameraperson has to start with a wide shot , showing her flashing some leg, before zooming in. i wonder if we'll see the same thing over the weekend as she does the bobble-circuit (altho the sets for those shows will probably mean that they won't be able to)

* ron slams the top liberal bloggers for ignoring the stolen election. again. (meanwhile, congrats to georgia10 who made a helluva name for herself for her work in nov 04)


damien said...

On the Condisleezi front, Prison Plant and Madsen claim George had an affair with Condi and Laura's moved out. (The moral factor doesn't bother me... maybe it will distract them from shooting and bombing people.)

damien said...

Re 'constitutional pornography': if the illegality of the Bush electoral thefts even gain public acceptance then there will be plenty of work for the courts. This from

"Usurpation is the exercise of powers by an agent which have not been delegated to him by the principal. In a constitutional republic like the United States of America, acts by officials are legitimate only if they are consistent with and based on a constitution, a body of laws which are superior to all subsequent statutes and other acts of officials, which embodies all delegations of power, and which may recognize certain rights to further define the limits on the powers delegated. It is a fundamental principle that all acts of officials not derived from the delegated powers of the constitution are null and void from inception, not just from the point at which a court may find them unconstitutional. Every person who has an encounter with the acts of officials has the duty not only to obey legitimate official acts, but to help enforce them, but, when there is a conflict among acts of officials, to enforce the superior one, which, when an act of an official is in conflict with the constitution, means enforcing the constitution and not the act in conflict with it. Judges and other citizens do not decide constitutionality, but discover it, and every person who is involved with any act by an official has a nondelegatable duty to make a determination of the constitutionality of that act. This determination is called constitutional review, and, when exercised by a judge in a case, judicial review."

damien said...

...and that's why the stolen elections will never be called.

lukery said...

oh yeah - i saw that re condi and her husb___

stolen elections are a big problem. god knows what is gonna happen in november - i suspect there will be another bunch of relectuant responders in the exit polls...

in fact - we'll probably see some pre-election hits on exit polling.

i wonder what sort of restitution would be ordered if courts ever decided that gore vs bush was unconstitutional... can we get all the dead people back?

Don said...

i've noticed in condi's last few telly interviews (lehrer and cnn) this week that she's always got a skirt above her knee... i wonder if we'll see the same thing over the weekend as she does the bobble-circuit

And the top graduate of the Katherine Harris School of Political Campaigning is....

lukery said...


i love that H&C interview KH did. priceless.

calipendence said...

Just watched this week's "Viewpoint with James Zogby" show a bit ago and he was remote in Michigan talking before a crowd of Muslim Americans with Madeline Albright the whole show. At one point a question was asked about her relationship with Condeleeza Rice. Here's my transcription of her answer...
Albright: "I have a very interesting relationship with Secretary Rice, which some people know and to others is always a great moment of surprise. What happened was that my father was a Czechoslovak diplomat who came to the United States and asked for political asylum. He then went to the University of Denver to teach and he died in 1977, having been Dean of the Graduate School of International Studies there. When I was at home there a lot of flowers and all kinds of things and among them was a container the shape of a piano with philadendron leaves and various things coming out, and so I said to my mother, "Where'd this come from?" She said it was from your father's favorite student, Condoleeza Rice. She had gone to the University of Denver as a music major, hence the piano, had to take an international relations for distribution or something, and had my father as a professor, and he persuaded her to become an international relations major.

She did her masters at Notre Dame, and then came back and was working on her PHD with my father when he died. So in 1987, when I was working for my long string of losing presidential candidates, I was at that stage helping Michael Dukakis, and my job was to get foreign policy advisors and so I thought "Perfect, she was a Soviet expert woman, taught at Stanford, African American. Perfect". So I called her up and asked her if she'd join me in being a foreign policy advisor. She said, "Madeline, I don't know how to tell you this, but I'm a Republican.". And I said "Condi, how could you be! We have the same father!" Um, so we talk occasionally and I basically tell her that I channel with my father better than she does.


My own note to this. Hope that if Madeline's father were alive today that he'd like what my dad did as one of his students moreso than what Condoleeza Rice has done, as my Dad also studied under him at Denver before embarking on his foreign service career too. I know that Madeline Albright is one of my Mom's favorite politicians, and she was the one that noted to me Condi's relationship with Albright some time ago.