Saturday, June 03, 2006

Repug: "Bilbray is making a mockery of his oath"

* clemons:
"Condoleezza Rice just really pissed off John Bolton, whom TWN has learned is seething about Rice's offer of direct negotiations with Iran.
However, Rice not only has to manage the Iranian response to her initiative but has to manage Vice President Cheney's team -- including John Bolton -- who will try to undermine her at every step.
The President had to sign off on this initiative, but what is not clear is whether he is going to give his complete support to Rice or whether he is going to sit on a perch while his closest advisors slash each other over this."
* thinkprogress:
"Yesterday on Fox’s Your World with Neil Cuvuto, U.N. Ambassador John Bolton explicitly said that unilateral military action against Iran was “on the table.” Bolton diplomatically added, “This is put up or shut up time for Iran.”"

* human events:
"With five days to go before the too-close-to-call special U.S. House election in California's 50th District (San Diego), Republicans were rocked last week with a hard-hitting denunciation of their nominee, Brian Bilbray from a fellow Republican.

"I proudly swore an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of California and the United States," Steve Baldwin, a former state assemblyman from San Diego and longtime conservative activist, wrote in an e-mail to fellow GOP activists in the 50th District, "That's why I'm appalled and deeply saddened to learn that Brian Bilbray is making a mockery of his oath to his fellow citizens (an oath that's taken with one hand on the Bible).""
awesome (via calipendence)


Kathleen said...

Whatever gives John Bolton some serious hemorhoid flareup works for me.

lukery said...

yeah - except i think that bolton just got exactly what he wanted. and that's scary

Kathleen said...

Not quite, not yet.