Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Jeralyn: Leopold should out sources

* bradblog via calipendence, Bilbray has a 'mock swearing in'. AP reports it as real. wtf is going on?

* reddhedd:
" If Luskin is coming out and saying publicly that they got a letter from Pat Fitzgerald which says that Rove will not be charged, there are two things that I want to see and know: (1) what does the letter actually say, word for word; and (2) does it say something along the lines of "Please thank Karl for his cooperation in this matter." "
* NYSun:
" One so-called Plameologist on the panel, admitted to something of an obsession with the case. "I have done more reading on Judy Miller than any human being really ought to," the blogger, Marcy Wheeler, said."

* via atrios:
"Never one to let the facts or delicious irony stand in the way of a vicious political smear, today Karl Rove took a swipe at war heros Sen. John Kerry and Rep. John Murtha, stating, "They may be with you for the first few bullets but they won't be there for the last tough battles." Rove, of course, never served in battle, dodging the draft for nearly three years of the Vietnam War. He's in good company, though-- the Vice President received five deferments from going into battle himself."
* read digby on ann coulter being excommunicated by the Movementarians.

* jeralyn:
" Based on what we know now, I think it's fair to say case 128 was not an Indictment of Karl Rove. Which means, Jason's sources were wrong. Truthout should authorize Jason to disclose their identity."


Don said...

One commenter on that post pointed to the theory posted at DKos where it was suggested that case 06cr00128 (Sealed v. Sealed) was AGAG slipping in to quash the hypothetical Rove indictment. The firestorm in the comments had at least 5 lawyers (incl Jeralyn, Redd, and Armando) calling 'bullshit' on the theory and noting repeatedly that there was nothing to tie it to Rove.

While none of them (or us) is infallible, Leopold and TruthOut are definitely on the spot. Their dedication to maintaining their position is admirable, and if future events prove them right, a whole lot of people are going to be eating crow. That said, barring something very unexpected in the next week, they are rapidly approaching 'come-to-Jesus' time.

Re: Rover non-frogmarched, one of Jer's commenters points here for another analysis. Cogent, fits the facts. Never heard of him, but anyone who writes "Jesus Christ, I wouldn't wipe my ass with the New York Post" is definitely worth bookmarking.

Don said...

Re: Brad on Bilbray/AP

He's posted a correction to the story. The photo-op was staged, but the fucker

was sworn in officially and gave his first speech on the floor of the House today. That, despite the fact, as the the story accurately reported, the counting of votes has not yet concluded in the CA-50th race, and has not been certified by either California State or San Diego County officials.

Hell, what's one more law when you're on a roll...

Don said...

On the other hand... dammit...

Don't click these three links unless you want to check out a really depressing alternative to this Rove thing...

lukery said...

don - i read the seth abramson piece. it sounds pretty sensible (i'd never heard of him either)

lukery said...

egads re those huffpo links