Wednesday, June 14, 2006

O'Reilly at Guantanamo Bay

* via C&L:
"O'Reilly: If I were in Guantanamo Bay, and I couldn't get out and these guys will never get out, believe me...I might commit suicide too."
suicide is a sin. loofahs, too.

* amy:
"Global military spending has reached a new record high of over $1.1 trillion dollars. The United States accounted for nearly half of the world’s military spending. According to the report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the United States spent $1,600 on its military for every American. "

* glenn:
"In two short weeks filled with melodramatic, exaggerated media events, both the Iraq war and the president's deep political problems have fundamentally improved. Big news! The President has turned all of this around. He is now bold and successful again. And his oh-so-brave flight to Iraq symbolizes how strong and successful he is. How long before we hear from Brit Hume or Candy Crowley about some apocryphal anecdote about the covert Air Force One flight or the folksy but audacious comment made by the Commander-in-Chief when he came up with this idea and insisted that he go despite the urgent pleas from his aides that it wasn't safe enough?"

* froomkin:
"So did Rove lie to McClellan? Did Rove lie to Bush? What did Rove tell Bush? What does Bush think about that?
Is a criminal indictment the only thing that gets someone in trouble over there?

Here's a question for Bush: You said you'd fire anyone involved in the leak. Rove no longer faces criminal charges, but undeniably was involved. Now that nothing you do or say can in any way influence the criminal investigation, will you tell us what you know and when you knew it? Will you fire him? Will you strip him of his security clearance?
It seems to me that the White House has a variety of options: Admit Rove misled the president and his colleagues; admit the president and his colleagues misled the public on his behalf; admit they intentionally engaged in legalistic hairsplitting; or sweep it all under the rug.

It's up to the press corps to rule out the last of those options."
oh no. it's up to the press.


Don said...

"O'Reilly: If I were in Guantanamo Bay, and I couldn't get out and these guys will never get out, believe me...I might commit suicide too."

Stewart tonight had an alternative theory on Gitmo. After going over the reported possible reasons for the suicides, he suggested and alternate theory.

Cut to clip of Bill O doing his talking points: "I just left Guantanamo a few days ago..."

noise said...

Of course, you won't see the media mention Sen. Pat man supposedly investigating the actions of the WHIG (of which Rove was a member).

That whole "lying to get the public to support an invasion" thing.

Yeah, I realize such an investigation takes a back seat to the pursuit of a flag burning amendment or a banning gay marriage amendment. Gotta have those priorities.

I hope the MEDIA doesn't stoop to the level of..."Looks like Rove has a clean bill of health."

Ron Brynaert said...

i don't think loofahs are a sin just on their's how one's diabolical mind plots to use them