Friday, June 09, 2006

juan cole / Yale

* on Blitzer, Khalilzad said that the information leading to Zarqawi's death was provided by people already in custody - hence no $25m bounty.

* read Billmon on juan cole / Yale:
"Well, they’ve finally got their man (I almost said their pound of flesh, but then I remembered where that particular expression comes from) The Bush administration has done a 180 on Iran policy, the GOP Congress is stumbling towards defeat, the Likud Party (Israel branch) has been reduced to a corporal’s guard and the dream of a Greater Israel is irreparably lost – in other words, the neocon world has come apart at the seams – but at least Juan Cole isn’t going to Yale. Mission fucking accomplished.

In the end, however, I suspect this neocon coup de main will backfire just as thoroughly as the rest of the gang’s master strokes. Juan Cole at Yale probably would have been under considerable pressure to tone down his public views, and might have felt compelled to devote more attention to his scholarly research and less to his blog. As things stand now, though, I expect, and hope, that he’ll have both the time and the freedom to continue his informed commenting, both on his blog and in the mainstream media. He might not agree, but the free education he’s providing his readers is far more important than anything he might have accomplished at Yale."
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