Friday, June 09, 2006

Articles Of Impeachment

* afterdowningstreet brings you

* amy:
"Meanwhile in Iraq, US troops are being accused of a new round of killings of Iraqi civilians. On Wednesday, the Iraqi Islamic Party, Iraq’s main Sunni group, said it had evidence US troops killed more than two dozen Iraqis in incidents last month. According to the group, the most deadly attack occurred in a house in Yusifiyah south of Baghdad – killing 13 people, including women and children."
* via froomkin: Bush:
"I think (Venezuela) will be okay... But it's going to take awhile. Sometimes leaders show up who do a great disservice to the traditions and people of a country."
* pogo turns up the heat on Duncan Hunter vis-à-vis San Diego’s Titan Corporation.

* re the theft of VA data, the other day I wrote: "it's no accident the way they roll out these stories - ive seen it so many times now - first the limited hangout - some initial outrage, then roll out the real story a few days later."
Senator Jack Reed today:
""It is, I think, the pattern of this administration," said Mr. Reed, a member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services. "Spin the story out in little pieces here and there rather than taking decisive, appropriate and responsible action.""
(damien wonders whether the data theft may have been more than an accident)

* aravosis:
"A very-trusted little birdie, with a number of trusted sources, tells us that a certain conservative anti-gay northeastern Republican congressman got into some trouble with the cops a number of years ago for soliciting a male prostitute (some reports said the prostitute was also a minor). This was before he was a member of Congress. Fortunately for the future congressman, the story goes, a good buddy was in a position to wipe the record clean.

Can you name that congressman?

Now we know John Boehner wants a vote in the House next month on their version of the anti-gay amendment. Please help defend marriage - contact Congress and ask them just how well they're defending THEIR marriages. Action alert here.

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