Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lieberman's stupid attack ad on Lamont

* laura:
" And why would the Wilkes grand jury be interested in Shirlington (limo company)? A friend says that despite the fact that Cunningham has admitted to accepting $600,000 in bribes from Wilkes, the US attorney's office may have a problem: many of Wilkes' alleged bribes fall outside of the five year statute of limitations for bribery. The Shirlington deal would appear to have occurred within the past five years."

* tpmm:
"One day after an official swore under oath that the Department of Homeland Security had no record of a letter from Randy "Duke" Cunningham pushing her agency to do business with the scandal-linked Shirlington Limo company, the department reversed course and released the letter.... Republicans on the House Homeland Security committee went ballistic."

* tpmm:
"But here's the kicker: Even though DHS had not awarded the contract to Shirlington by April 20, the company asked for an advance on its payment for the deal.
Now what would give a fellow the sense he's entitled to a cash advance on a deal that hasn't been signed yet?"

* everyone's talking about Lieberman's stupid attack ad on Lamont. see it here.


Kathleen said...

Weicker is having a high end fundraiser at his home in Chesire, CT. this Sunday for Lamont. Welcome to the den.

lukery said...

u going?