Friday, June 16, 2006

open dread

given that we are currently experiencing some bloggy navel gazing in light of the recent yearly kos and yearly lukery extravaganzas, don asked:
"That said, you suggested a companion blog. As an alternative, any thought on a companion forum?"
for reasons explained (in part) in the comments here - perhaps we can have a new experiment. given that i have so many posts every day, and given that means that the comments here are necessarily so dispersed, and given that means there is little interaction between you all - let's try to consolidate everyone's comments for the day into a single post. i understand that this adds a small burden on you - referring to different posts and what not - but it might be worth it - given the increased audience and so on. i havent really thought it through - but i'm currently thinking that i'll open up a new thread when i get out of bed in the morning.

i'll leave the comments open on every post so that strays can add their tuppence - and i presume that 'substantial' posts where i deal with a single issue - eg sibel, or niger, or whatever - should have their own comments section - but basically, let's try to keep general comments to 'excerpt' posts all in one place.

think of it as an 'open thread' - but also with some shepherding from my other posts of the day. does that make sense? (or probably the other way round)

let me know if its a good idea, or a pain in the ass.

consider this your first "open dread"


rimone said...

um...about your: let's try to consolidate everyone's comments for the day into a single post

hopefully it's cause i'm ripped but after reading this entire post a number of times, and--yes aGAIN!--quoting from yet another film, 'what the FUCK are you talking about, Dude?'

do you mean like all comments made in a day go into a single post? w/o your originals for context but w/links to whatever? dare i say WTF? but if this is so, this is yet another time when Firefox is superior to non-tabbed browsers. but i digress. (blame the ADD--i always do.)

enlighten me, mon capitain. :-)

ps, i think you should leave me out; i'll only lower the tone as is my wont. *cheesy grin*

Miguel said...

I think what he's tryin' to say is to have a single thread where we can go back and forth with each other. Since we wake up every morning here in morning to a number of posts, its not clear which of the posts to navigate to in order to get a conversation going.

I think its especially good to have something like that on a day where there is some big breaking news. Like Monday, when we hear the TO explanation for why Leopold 'got it so wrong'

Don said...
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Don said...

An open thread... interesting...

Teemu said...

When commenting content of a post, the comment should be put under that particular post. Otherwise, you lose the context.

General discussion could be consolidated, but I'm not sure if there is enough such discussion (or need for that), as you cover everything interesting anyway and thus provide a suitable post for almost any posting... Of course, if you're missing something completely, such daily(?) "open comment post" would be justified.

Tree-structured forum (see most web forums) would be better for long-running threads about particularly interesting topics (sibel and such)

I wonder why there arent (are there?) any wiki-sites for discussing / (de)constructing such things as the whole Plame case or politics-business ties. Such format would be superior for trying to keep up with all the details.

damien said...

It may be worth a try, but I think there will be a *continuity* problem. Let's say you have 5 comments on a particular post spread out over 25 others. Following the discussion means searching through many unrelated posts. As it is now related comments are roughly grouped together.

Secondly, you have a *context* problem (that Teemu referred to). Which post are you referring to? It would be tiresome to write the post title every time you wished to comment.

One suggestion though: number each post as you go, say:

A00, A01,...,A99,B00,B01,...B99,C00......Z99,A00,A01...

That way you have a simple referencing system with 2600 hundred entries before you repeat. You would still have your post title, but referencing would be a lot easier. Title might read: "A37 Busby Wins After All!" (or append A37 as the first line or last line of the actual post). Moreveover, this approach could help those using your search engine. You could do this whether or not you kept the current comments method or changed to something new.

So, basically, I prefer the current system. But go with whatever changes you want Lukery.

damien said...

btw, did you pick up on Zarqawi's thumbdrive?

lukery said...

ok - so we all think this idea sucks (even if i had explained it properly)?

i'd kinda imagined that you wouldnt even need to directly refer to the other posts - but simply say something like, for example,:
"re jeralyn's comment on Leopold, i think that xyz"

the problem i was trying to get around was that we dont have critical mass - and most of your comments get EPU'd

(btw - it was don's idea - blame him)

i'll do an open thread every day for the next week - and if you wanna use it, feel free.

lukery said...

(or perhaps Miguel's idea will turn out to be best - ie on big news days)

Don said...

(btw - it was don's idea - blame him)


Always ready and willing to serve, mon capitan! ;)

lukery said...

thnx don.