Sunday, June 18, 2006

New Internationalist Propaganda uses of word Terrorism

* as you may remember, i switched to google email a couple of months ago. and i was immediately freaked out about the 'relevance' of the advertisements. it still freaks me out. i'm not exactly sure what algorithm they use - but i was of the understanding that they pick up keywords in the content of the particular email.

separately, when anyone makes a comment at the blog, it gets emailed to me.

miguel just left a comment at the blog (automatically emailed to me):
" I know Marc Ash flew to another state to meet with these sources, over a two week period, they had many meetings."

That gives me some comfort the story wasn't fabricated.
(the first sentence he was quoting me, quoting larisa)

what are the keywords in that email? basically none.

google's advertisements?

Terrorism - No-Nonsense

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Homeland Security

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