Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NYC metro plot falling apart

* suskind's claim about the NYC metro plot seems to be falling apart. tpmm

* tpmm:
"Sometime this week, the Supreme Court is expected to decide on the constitutionality of DeLay's 2003 redistrictring. If the court decides against it, the state would revert to the former districts and electoral chaos would ensue. If the court decides that the redistricting was constitutional, then we may soon see a whole lot more gerrymandering in blue as well as red states.

And according to lawyer for the Texas Democrats Chris Dunn, a federal judge in Texas is expected to decide next week whether Republicans can constitutionally replace DeLay as their candidate. If DeLay loses, he'll be stuck on the ballot. And what happens then? Will he let the Democrat Nick Lampson run unopposed?"
* milbank:
"Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) countered with a different set of figures. "There have been only seven acts of flag desecration annually in America in the last six years, so to argue that we have this growing trend toward desecration and burning our flag defies the facts," he said. "In fact, it rarely, if ever, happens. And so why are we about to change the handiwork and fine contribution to America of Thomas Jefferson?""
* miguel:
"Can you imagine prosecutors without time to hunt down terrorists because the courts are loaded with flag burners?"
* froomkin on SWIFT:
"On the issue of Congress being briefed, by the way, Peter Wallsten and Greg Miller write in the Los Angeles Times: "The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee said Monday that she and many of her colleagues on the panel were briefed on the program by Treasury Department officials only after the administration learned it would be exposed in the press.""

* cesca:
"Show of hands. If you watched Senator Russ Feingold on Meet the Press this morning, how many of you agree that he's the best-spoken, most lucid, toughest, most steely-eyed Democrat in Congress?
So why is there so much quiet conventional wisdom grumbling that Senator Feingold isn't a viable candidate for the nomination in 2008? Personally, I don't see another congressional Democrat who is a better candidate -- one who can clearly articulate his position and do so without sounding weak or out of touch with the mainstream."
(if you missed it, vid here)


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Now it's time to start holding our lawmakers accountable for wasting taxpayer money on an amendment to restrict free speech in America.

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