Wednesday, June 28, 2006

protect the flag without defiling the constitution

* caliendence and cannon both wonder whether Rush was in the DR to have sex with little children.

* glenn:
" After the unlimited outpouring of venomous attacks on the (NY) Times this weekend, I believe these attacks on our free press have become the country's most pressing political issue.
The media is guilty of publishing stories which might harm the political interests of the President, not which could harm the national security of the United States. But Bush supporters recognize no such distinction."

* maha:
"All along, the Iraq War was more valuable to the Bush Regime as a club with which to bash Democrats than as a strategy for whatever it was the invasion was supposed to accomplish. Indeed, in 2002 I sincerely believed the saber-rattling was only about the 2002 midterms -- I mean, actually invading Iraq made no bleeping sense -- and assumed the Bushies would settle down as soon as the votes were counted. Back then I still thought there must be some kind of logic behind Bush policies other than the Glorification of Dear Leader and the Expansion of His Power. Boy, was I naive."
* durbin: 'we can protect the flag without defiling the constitution'

* fred barnes on hume railed against feingold because he co-wrote mccaing-feingold LIMITING FREE SPEECH and now he's against flag-burning amendment. I'm so glad i dont have to live inside the heads of these morans.

* katherine harris claims that anonymous dem congresscritters want her to win. right.


Don said...

* katherine harris claims that anonymous dem congresscritters want her to win. right.

The Republican nomination? Certainly, 'cause, barring some serious Diebold action, she hasn't a prayer in the final vote.

lukery said...

calipendence said...

She's close to the point where Duke Cunningham was when Dems wanted him to stay in and the Republicans wanted him out. They knew he was a losing cause then, and all of a sudden you saw a rush to him stating he wouldn't run again. It took a little longer to get him to actually resign and force the special election.

lukery said...

tom delay, too