Wednesday, June 07, 2006

P2, Ledeen and Niger

* soto: "Is A Summertime Attack Upon Iran Less Likely Now?" go read - including his take on the two back-story stories. i'm not sure i buy it - but fingers crossed.

* canon:
" P2, Ledeen and the Niger forgeries: I haven't finished reading it. I neverthless feel compelled to direct your attention to Craig Unger's excellent new piece on the Niger forgeries, published in Vanity Fair. Even when Unger goes over familiar ground, he manages to grip the reader's attention. He dares to delve into the P2 links, which most writers on this topic still prefer to avoid. Check it out!"
i havent read it yet either - Larisa gets a shoutout or two. yay, larisa. Josh gets a shoutout, Laura doesn't. I'm sure Unger's piece relies heavily on their work. Go read it while you wait for the CA50 results.

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