Wednesday, June 07, 2006

fitzgerald's "terrible mistake"

* wsj-ed:
" The more of Mr. Fitzgerald's case that becomes public, the more it looks like he has made the terrible mistake for a prosecutor of taking Joe Wilson's side in what was essentially a political fight."
* twn on the nyt's bizarre iran backstory:
"This is somewhat bizarre. You would think that on a topic of such importance, Bush might express an opinion rather than forcing his advisers to guess at the meaning of his facial expressions. Maybe attending meetings with the president is a bit like going to a farm auction, in which guests are cautioned against making any extraneous gestures lest they be inadvertently end up buying a cow. ("Condi, did you just suggest we bomb Tehran or were you just scratching your nose?")"
* brad continues his excellent evoting work. he has reports on the ground from Tuesday voting , reports of lawsuits, and other stuff.

* more here on Sibel's new judge (via calipendence). Prior to being appointed by Blinky, she was"General Counsel at the private-regulating National Labor Relations Board"
that sounds like good news.

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