Friday, June 30, 2006

rejection of the crux of the Yoo Memorandum

* glenn:
"More than anything else, the Court's opinion today is the opposite of -- a clear rejection of -- the crux of the Yoo Memorandum. The Court held that Congress most certainly does have a role to play in the exercise of war powers, and that such decisions are most certainly not "for the President alone to make.""
* nile gardiner of the Heritage Foundation is on the beeb saying that the scotus gitmo ruling is 'a huge propaganda win for alqaeda'

* larisa:
"Trailer up for a 911 Families film: I was asked to rewrite parts of the script for this film. The trailer is now up, not the official trailer, but a temp trailer....
the DVD version will have many interviews that they could not fit into the film, including Greg Palast, Helen T, Walter Cronkite, Gore Vidal, John Dean, and many others (although I may be speaking to soon as the fine cut does not include them, but the final cut might). In any case, they will be included one way or another."
* glenn:
"Americans generally believe in balanced and restrained power and dislike unchecked rulers and extremism. If this administration believes in anything, it is unchecked power and extremism, and virtually every major issue of controversy -- from the administration's systematic, unprecedented attacks on a free press to its claimed right to violate the law -- illustrates the excesses and dangers which inevitably arise when one political faction can exercise power without meaningful restraints."

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