Friday, June 30, 2006

see olbermann trash oreilly.

* jane:
"In a few short months, Ned Lamont has managed to do the virtually unthinkable — back an 18 year incumbent and former Vice Presidential candidate into admitting that he probably has no chance in the primary. "
* lou dobbs has a great piece on evoting. brad has the vid, of course. also, another Dobbs report tonight - this time with brad. vid here.

* speaking of video, see olbermann trash oreilly.

* emptywheel:
"While Luskin lies ferociously, his lies on the record are very different from his lies off the record. On the record, he parses, he doesn't outright lie. Off the record, he lies shamelessly. I think his comments on this are parsing--Rove has not been charged, but the case is there, all wrapped up, if Rove should deviate from the testimony he has offered. There's little reason to issue a sealed indictment to achieve that--the only way Fitz couldn't just indict him if he lied (and there'd be new perjury charges, since Rove presumably testified under oath), is if he were fired.
Finally, it's worth considering how Leopold's other "scoops" have been wrong in this. He said Hadley was Mr. X, when Armitage has all but admitted it. He said Fleitz was the CIA officer in the indictment. These are probably generally true claims (that is, I think it perfectly likely Fleitz was involved in sharing info on Plame with Cheney), but not true according to the claim (that is, Fitz has pretty much confirmed that Grenier is the CIA guy in teh indictment). This suggests Leopold's sources may well know what went on/is going on with the leak, but not have any idea what is going on in the prosecution. Which would be totally consistent with a big Rove meeting which Leopold's sources misinterpreted because they didn't know what Fitz was doing."
note that she isnt saying "how wrong leopold has been" but rather "exactly how he has been wrong." (also note that AFAIK larisa still stands by the claim that Hadley was a source)

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