Monday, June 12, 2006

respect for Muslim traditions regarding the dead

* emptywheel: "Someone mistook me for a bigtime blogger..."
hahahahaha. put your hand up if you don't think EW is the best blogger in town. no hands? thought so.

* emptywheel:
"Reid made a perfect speech to the Yearly Kos community, IMO. Rather than a competent pandering to the blog community, Reid reflected a real understanding of what this medium might be able to do. And a real understanding of the urgency we bring to the medium.
It was, I think, the best speech of the convention... After the speech, he walked through the mosh pit of admirers, engaging the crowd much more directly than the grass roots politician I mosh pitted once in Iowa, Howard Dean. He even stopped to sign the final square of a quilt some folks here are building from the conference, one square each from a whole range of participants, including, now, our leader in the Senate."
(kathleen isnt a fan of harry)

* if you already read my post of yesterday with some bios and introductions re some of our commentors, damien has added his .

* the YKOS plame panel is up at cspan here. click on "YearlyKos Convention" and it's the first panel in that video.

* americablog:
"The White House is conveying the President's concern about the suicide of three detainees in Guantanamo:
[White House Press Secretary Tony] Snow said it was during his daily intelligence briefing just afterward when the president voiced his concern over the incident and directed that the bodies be "treated humanely and with cultural sensitivity" to show respect for Muslim traditions regarding the dead.
Can't treat them humanely and cultural sensitivity when their alive. No, wait til they're dead, then show concern. He's such a humanitarian."
meanwhile zarqawi's dead face gets splashed across the planet (as rimone points out)


Manifest Dignity said...

Link TV has been posting video clips of Yearly Kos here:

Longer segments with better video controls are posted here:

CIA Leak panel and Barbara Boxer are on the front page at Fora TV.

Kathleen said...

I am very disappointed in Harry Reid for his lack of forceful leadership, particluarly with respect to the Supreme Court nominations. He didn't even question Harriet Miers' nomination in terms of her being Dopey's personal attorney AND was the current WH counsel and what that would do to congressional oversight if she were on the SC. Instead of calling her a willing co-conspirator to eliminate the separation of powers and change the balance of powers between the 3 co-equal branches of gov't, he was championing her as victim of the extreme right. Hellllo? Ever heard of stacking the jury, Harry? And then there was the Motion for Cloture on debate on the Alito nomination. 30 hours of debate for a lifetime position? Instead of getting the 42 votes required to fight the Motion,( he had 40 against Alito) he was running around annoucning its defeat for days, stopping its momentum. He scheduled Boxer and Dodd to speak after the vote on the Motion for Cloture??? Puhleeeeze. If that is what we call "leadership" we're done for, plain and simple. I am still not over his limp noodle defense. As a leader, he's as exciting as a cold bowl of oatmeal.