Monday, June 12, 2006

Gitmo Suicides: good PR move

* yesterday i mentioned that calling the gitmo suicides "an act of asymmetric warfare against us." were presumably "a state-sanctioned, Frank Luntz-sanctioned Talking Point."

Today Ron points me to this:
"A top US official has described the suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a "good PR move to draw attention".

Colleen Graffy told the BBC the deaths were part of a strategy and "a tactic to further the jihadi cause", but taking their own lives was unnecessary."

They really did turn it into a talking point. amazing.


elendil said...

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and a few other NGOs, have designated June Torture Awareness Month. We've created a blogroll you can join if you're interested. You can find it here. The idea is that everyone is linked to from the blogroll, and in exchange, you discuss torture (as you already do), and link to the Torture Awareness site to help support the NGOs.

There's a lot of bloggers who are angry about human rights abuse in the War on Terror. If we coordinate, we can show our support and help Amnesty and HRW make Torture Awareness Month a success.

Kathy said...

When I first heard of the suicides, sadly, I thought, "at last t hey are free..."

lukery said...

hi kathy :-)

yep - my comment was RIP

Kathleen said...

I love the way people who have never been detainees think they can gauge their desperation and belittle their suffering. Pathetic self absolution.

lukery said...

but kathleen - the prisoners eat 3 meals a day!

Kathleen said...

Yeah and Rummy was bragging on the menu, too.