Monday, June 26, 2006

richard perle and larry wilkerson

* clemons:
"...But the big moment came in Perle's response to a question about Cheney and torture. Richard Perle stated that those who believed that Vice President Cheney was an advocate of torture were seriously misinformed and wrong. Lawrence Wilkerson in a pointed rebuke of Perle stated that Cheney was an advocate of torture and that Wilkerson had the documents to "prove it".
That is an important exchange -- and I am hopeful that Wilkerson will soon publish a long article and/or book informed by the very important documentation that he has in hand."
speaking of perle and wilkerson...

* shorter richard perle in wapo: can we pleeease bomb iran? now?

* wapo front-paged a new Curveball story for some reason:
"In their briefings to Powell on Feb. 4, one day before the secretary's U.N. speech, Tenet and McLaughlin expressed nothing but confidence in the mobile-lab story, according to Wilkerson, Powell's chief of staff, who was present during the briefings.

"Powell and I were both suspicious because there were no pictures of the mobile labs," Wilkerson said. The drawings were constructed from Curveball's accounts.

But the CIA officials were persuasive. Wilkerson said the two men described the evidence on the mobile labs as exceptionally strong, based on multiple sources whose stories were independently corroborated.

"They said: 'This is it, Mr. Secretary. You can't doubt this one,' " Wilkerson said."
(in case you missed it, here's my post about whether steven hatfill designed a mobile weapons lab to be airlifted and temporarily hidden in iraq)

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