Monday, June 05, 2006

righteous ranting

there are some righteous ranting in the blogosphere today.

Here's pach at fdl:
"The Republican "revolutionaries" of 1994 were emphatically not idealists. They were crooks who made Washington as or more corrupt than it has ever been. But this is the sleight of hand people like Kristol are pulling to distract the rest of us from recognizing the one true thing they said at the dawn of the George W. Bush era: personnel is policy. Accordingly, the architects of today’s mediagovernmental complex, in both the Republican party and the news divisions of our establishment media, must go. Any Democrat who fails to recognize the fundamental need to organize and to campaign directly against the sewer rats of this symbiotic axis is dooming the party to continued failure, and more importantly, the American people to continuous disaster and harm."
(btw - i'm starting to believe that being a gay male is a tremendous advantage if you wanna be a blogger. or maybe it's that gays are smarter than everyone else, or better educated.)

* daou: "One thing is clear in this ongoing struggle between progressive bloggers and the establishment media: GOP-propping and Dem-trashing is an addiction that won't be relinquished without a fight. It's not a stretch to think that Deborah Howell, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, The Note, David Broder, and other stalwarts of the DC media elite share Joe Klein's disdain for the online community. We are the hated enemy and, truth be damned, they won't let a bunch of creatures from the fever swamp dictate who and what they should write about."

* here's an 'interview' with tristero's head exploding over gay marriage, and here's his post tearing Pelosi to pieces for not being able to talk TeeVee.

* and reddhedd takes a look at the budowsky article i linked to yesterday.

*update - oh yeah - there's also Foser's rant at mediamatters

* this exchange on mtp was worth the price of admission:
"MR. RUSSERT: you believe if the president of the United States stood up before the world and our country and said, “Iran has this, therefore we have to undertake military action,” would he be believed?


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