Friday, July 14, 2006

9/11 changed everything

* Damien has some new posts up over at his place. In this post, he points to an article in Wisconsin's Capital Times (via my buddies helen and harry) in which a "Ph.D. Islamologist and Arabist " (and others) claim that osama tapes are bunk.

In this post he discusses interview by someone who says that the Pentagon was hit by something other than a 757 (I can't get the interview to work)

And this post which is mostly Hopsicker about Cocaine One, Makram Chams and Zacharias Moussaoui.

And Damien also points to this 2004 article by Craig Unger in Salon. Damien summarizes it for our viewing pleasure:
Unger talks about the Saudis immediately before and after 9/11.

Following 9/11 the US captured Abu Zubaydah, the 30-year-old chief of operations for al-Qaida who had been head of field operations for the USS Cole bombing and who was a close confidant of Osama bin Laden's. The US sent in people pretending to be from Saudi intelligence. Zubaydah was relieved and told them to contact Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz (a westernized
member of the royal family who had been in the US buying racehorses and was flown out after 9/11). He was expecting that Ahmed Aziz would solve his US captor problems for him.

The US interrogators responded by telling Zubaydah that 9/11 changed everything. The House of Saud certainly would not stand behind him after that. It was then that Zubaydah dropped his real bombshell. "Zubaydah said that 9/11 changed nothing because Ahmed ... knew beforehand that an attack was scheduled for American soil that day," Posner writes. "They just didn't
know what it would be, nor did they want to know more than that. The information had been passed to them, said Zubaydah, because bin Laden knew they could not stop it without knowing the specifics, but later they would be hard-pressed to turn on him if he could disclose their foreknowledge. "

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damien said...

Thanks, Lukery, for inserting all the web links from my email. The Unger article is important because if the reported comments by Zubaydah are true then it means that some senior members of the House of Saud were aware that Osama was planning an (unspecified) attack on the US on the specific Sept 11 date - and they appear to have provided no notice of this to the US.

If Prince Ahmed Aziz, and other Saudi leaders, had conveyed to Bush that "there's an attack coming on Sept 11, but we don't know the details" then the US govt would have had a focus. They could have scaled up their investigations and issued warnings to airlines. Specifically, they could have cancelled some or part of the war games held on 9/11, such as the NRO hijack simulation and removal of large numbers of fighter aircraft to northern Canada. And they most certainly would not have let Bush hang out in an elementary school in Sarasota.

So either the Saudis knew and didn't tell Bush, or they did tell and he did nothing. Either the Saudi's chose to allow the US to be attacked, or Bush knew and let it go ahead.

Keep also in mind that of the multiple foreign government warnings that an attack was imminent, including Rusia and Egypt, no warnings came from either Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, the two nations most likely to be aware of the attacks. As well, we have some evidence that Israeli intelligence had at least some knowledge of the impending attacks and even sent people to take photos!

On the business of something other than a 757 hitting the Pentagon, the witness, Sam Danner, described in detail an aircraft that had all the appearances of a Global Hawk pilotless drone. His account contains features which explain many of the evidence discrepancies at the Pentagon. The radio interview is excellent. I listened to it and was very impressed. The link doesn't seem to be working now. If you go to the radio site (which has a number of other great 9/11 interviews) there's no listing for that interview. Curious. I'll search for it.

damien said...

Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz is also known as Prince Bandar, Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States until recently. His diplomatic and financial connections to the Bush family go well back through GHW Bush - whose close financial connections to the Saudis earned him the moniker "Bandar Bush".

This connection was as close as you could get. The idea that a warning about 9/11 was withheld from the US is simply outrageous.

lukery said...

oh shit, D!

i didnt realise that was bandar. that's incredible. thanks.

how do we reconcile this with the first obl interview/video (?) where he says that he wasnt involved?