Friday, July 14, 2006

unexamined, bedrock consensus

* wolcott:
"One of the tragic follies of the age is the unexamined, bedrock consensus of our political and media establishment that the interests of the US and Israel aren't merely conjoined, but identical. That Israel is such an intimate extension of American influence, muscle, and will that they share the same nervous system and optic view. Ray Close, a former CIA analyst waving a warning flag at No Quarter, confronts the prospect of the US being sucked into the bloody vortex while Bush autopilots the same monotonal cliches about terrorism, peace-loving people, and Israel's right to defend itself (which no one disputes--it's the scale of the retaliation that's at issue).
What's best for America would be avoiding the World War IV that Michael Ledeen and Norman Podhoretz find so beckoning and necessary."

* wolcott also rails against Bozo Bozell and other mouth-breathers because they are horrified that some media companies are sponsoring the Gay Games WHICH MEANS THEY ARENT OBJECTIVE. (I've heard that some media companies are also involved with say, football, although their objectivity is rarely called into account (except say, berlusconi and AC Milan, and perhaps some of murdoch's franchises))

(speaking of mouth-breathing - dontchya love it how the entire corp media is describing the Indian bombing suspects as 'bearded'?)

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