Friday, July 14, 2006

Bad guys shoot at anything!

* here's ackerman's piece about hoekstra and al qaeda.

* emptywheel:
"In other words, Novak still hasn't explained everything that appears in his column. He still hasn't explained why he selected to side with those offering the most damaging information, rather than the most credible information.

But in each of those selections, he has remarkably replicated the message formulated by Dick Cheney in response to Joe Wilson's column."
* demnow:
"The bombing of Lebanon has not slowed Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip. Israeli strikes killed at least twenty-three Palestinians Wednesday. It was the highest single-day Palestinian death toll in nearly two years. "
* bbc (tv): 'Plame to sue Cheney and others'
* Brit hume: 'Plame to sue Rove, Libby and others'

* ron:
"I was slandered, slimed, and smeared by the left and right yesterday."

* Fox complains that a journalist was shot at by israelis, because it was theirs. (from memory, i think they cheered on the bombing of Al Jaz and the Palestine Hotel). And for added humour, Doocy said "Bad guys shoot at anything!" and the other talking head jumped in "But it's Israel!"

* yesterday i wrote:
i'm half watching the bush/merkel press conference. will have to wait for a transcript - but i think the officially-stupid-president said:
'we talked about doha. germany has trade. we have trade, germany doesn't like terrorists. we dont like terrorists. doha is good'
The official transcript says:
"We did talk about Doha, the trade round, and it's -- look, these trade rounds are difficult to negotiate with; we've all got our own interests. But the good news is we do share a common desire to open up markets. Germany is a great exporter. It's in Germany's interest that tariffs be reduced around the world. It's in our interests that tariffs be reduced around the world. "
as i said, i was only half listening

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