Friday, July 14, 2006

CounterPunch's "Website of the Day"

* athenae:
"And in the past three years we've pondered the loss to our national image abroad and the loss of American lives, we've tried to puzzle out how history will see us, how our children will judge what we did and didn't do, to make this happen or stop it from happening. Time and again in the past three years we've given our leaders chances to turn things around, chances to prove that they're not as bad as all that, really, chances to show us anything but the ugly face they've shown so far. We've never stopped hoping, and they've never stopped failing us.
Somehow in the past six years or so the attitude has infected this country that there's nothing we can really do to change what's happening, that there's no real consequence we can bring to bear. It's not hard to see how that — not apathy, more like depression, a sort of smothering flat pain — came about, really: elections we should have won but didn't, fiery speeches given to uncaring media, talking heads spewing lies day after day after day and then castigating their critics for rudeness ... It seems like there are no consequenes for anybody anymore.
Like River(bend), I've been waiting for our national wake-up call, our one thing that will prove we're capable of stopping this ride and getting off. I'm thinking now I should have set the alarm clock instead."

* via holden:
"The (Plame / Wilson Defense) Trust was established with the Wilsons' approval and provides that should the suit result in a payment to the Wilsons in excess of their legal costs, they will reimburse the Trust for all legal costs paid by the Trust. That money will then be distributed by the trustees to a charitable organization(s) that works to protect the rights of government whistleblowers."

* WOW - CounterPunch's "Website of the Day" - is my interview with Sibel!
National Security Whistleblowers' Dirty Dozen Campaign



damien said...

way to go, mate. well done!

lukery said...


that's awright, eh?

rimone said...

you deserve it, dude; this is the best news i've read all morning. :-)

Kathleen said...

Yeah!!! That izzzz quite an opus magnum. I'm gonna print it out and make marginal notes, just like Darth Cheney.

lukery said...

it's long, huh.