Wednesday, July 19, 2006

bathroom break?

rimone reminded me of this

i'm lacerating here.

who needs to ask if they need to go to the bathroom? you'd think mr-black-and-white-deciderator would know the answer.


rimone said...

who needs to ask permission? a 3 year old who can't wipe his own ass by himself. or who needs Condi to hold his widdy peepee so it's aimed straight into the bowl cuz he's too wasted.

someday when all of this is behind US, it'll be comedy gold; there'll be books and plays and he'll finally be seen--by everyone--as the laughingstock embarrassment that only we on the left see now. i hope i'm alive to see this shit happen.

rimone said...

OMFG! just read the article; this is SO telling: His first English grade – for an essay on emotions – was zero.

'0' for an essay on emotions...the mind reels and not in a good way.

lukery said...

"i hope i'm alive to see this shit happen."

it's almost happening in real-time. the only people who pretend not to see it are the degenerati and the