Wednesday, July 19, 2006

chomp chomp chomp

* don knows lots about military hardware. read, learn stuff.

* rimone:

see video here and watch Merkel grimace as cringing, she throws up her arms in disgust. maybe he thought he was being all cute, trying to get her to quit using the formal ‘Sie’ and ‘du’ him instead? anyway, his slack-jawed expression makes me think he’s shit-faced but what do i know, i’ve been drunk all day all week for ages.

Digby: Frat Boy Prick: ‘Check out the look on his face. Does he look like he’s “just having fun” or does he look like he’s putting the uppity bitch in her place?

This woman is the Chancellor of Germany. What do you suppose you need to do to get treated with respect by this asshole?’

YO, ANGIE, IN-cummin’! so quit yer talkin’ to that Eye-tie Prodi, a’iight? *chomp chomp chomp* ah know y’lahk me touchin’ ya cuz Condi, Karen and Harriet all love it, see? it proves ah kin be all senshi shensi touchy-feelie too! an’ this is how ah’m doin’ mah world leaderin’ an’ shit cuz th’ voices say ah git t’ do anythin’ to anybody ah wanna an’ no one kin stop me, so loosen up, baby!

uhhhh…whut’s that look about, Ange? whuzzat y’say, sekshual harr-ass-ment? heh heh heh, you said ‘ass!’ see, you’re lucky ah didn’t snap your bra strap or give ya noogies or a wedgie! *crumbs flying from his mouth* heh heh heh… feels good! *hic!*

how much longer before his dick comes out in public?

rimone blogs like no other.

the 'feels good' reference still sickens me the most. after 4 years.


rimone said...

aw, you're sweet. but any casual observer who's not as busy as you will see my greatest strength is not foreign policy or strategy (as i'd wish) but getting down and dirty to the same level as the fucking idiots i mock.

and yes, that 'feels good!' is still chilling. thank fuck it's on the record.

lukery said...

you rock. you know it.

the thing about 'feels good' is i dont think many people are aware of it.

C&L had a letterman video of bush's 10 worst moments the other day - but they didnt dare put 'feels good' on the list.

rimone said...

wasn't 'feels good' something only the BBC caught and only by 'mistake' cause he didn't know the cameras were rolling?

i'm still aghast...there were so many signs that he's just not fit for the job and nobody really picked up on it when there was (possibly) still time.

lukery said...

yeah - the been went 'live' early - i saw it in real time. i was shocked.

i tried to get amato to post it on the recent invasion anniversary, but alas.