Saturday, July 01, 2006

blogger angst.

Do you guys read Lukery ?
He rules. That is, he blogs every damn thing on earth.
i love the fact that scott likes my blog. i also think its very funny that i'm known for quantity.

damn. if only people recognized me for being brilliant and insightful.

blogger angst.


rimone said...

awwww, poor baby. nb: amazingly he actually put me on his blogroll or whatever (you're there as well); i almost fainted when i saw that. :-)

AND (heh) i think the drugs or whatever are getting to me--i totally forgot that he was the one conducting the interview w/Eugene Jarecki ('why we fight') that i linked to a few months back after seeing Jarecki on The Daily Show. duh me.

oldschool said...

From Scott Horton's Blog:

Update: Also, the guy is fucking brilliant - for a Tazmanian.

So there you go. (Uh, that is a compliment isn't it?)

lukery said...


i'm not a tazmanian.

tho i can be a bit of a devil.

lukery said...

rimone - i missed that jarecki interview first time round. thx.

(btw - i feel like i'm stuck in a bill hicks feedback loop)

kathleen said...

I told you, I save Lukery for dessert, cause its the most fun.

love that graphic rimone.