Monday, July 10, 2006

Carl Sheeler: a working US Senator

From a comment from someone claiming to be Carl Sheeler:
If you really want to feel charged then take a look at our billboard at our site and challenge fellow bloggers to make a difference in RI, where this seat is winnable and can be turned over to support working families' values who are "We the people".

There's a reason our Constitution is in the background of that bill board. Our fore fathers anticipated how power could lead to tyranny.

Thanks for sharing the good word.

Carl Sheeler ... a working US Senator.
According to Charlie Cook, Lincoln Chafee's seat is the thrid most vulnerable. All the good guys seem to be supporting Sheeler.

These from the Carl Sheeler for Senate website


rimone said...

good on Sheeler but i hope he's not invited to the whitehouse (and afterward, immediately reverses his postion). |-(

Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

Marine officer who served during Desert Storm; 15 years as a Court qualified impartial financial expert; five kids 9 - 19, middle class and public education background who has received contributions averaging $50...

I'm confident I have the moral fortitude and humility to serve the people... if the people are ready to act on their convictions.

Words alone do not build strong countries or communities. Sweat does.

Yes, I am Carl.