Wednesday, July 05, 2006

CIA: Osama lovers

* EW:
"Cheney can insta-declassify an NIE. And, I think for pragmatic reasons, Fitz is not challenging that, so that will not be an issue, at all, in a trial. But the pragmatic reason is the key.

Because Libby only introduced the NIE as his excuse for having a note to leak something to Judy Miller on July 8. It's almost certainly not what that note refers to. So whether or not Dick can insta-declassify is moot. The question is, does Libby's claim that Dick did tell him to leak the NIE stand up to scrutiny? If Fitz can prove that it doesn't, he has gotten 70% of the way to proving that Dick ordered Libby to leak Plame's identity. And while Dick might be able to insta-declassify things, he'd be hard-pressed to argue he can insta-declassify someone's identity without telling her."

* glenn:
"But the crux of the Court's decision was that -- regardless of federal law -- the Geneva Conventions themselves prohibit the type of military commissions which the administration created. Although it is likely that the Court is without jurisdiction to enforce the mandates of the Conventions themselves (Hamdan was grounded in enforcement of federal law mandating compliance with the Conventions, not the mandates of the Conventions themselves), it is still the case that the Court held that the military commissions are violations of the Conventions (and, therefore, executing a prisoner based on the findings of such a commission would be a war crime, the Court strongly suggested).

Thus, the only way for Congress to empower the President to proceed with these military commissions would be to abrogate the Geneva Conventions. That is something which the President and Congress are unquestionably empowered to do -- treaties are like any other law and can be reversed or negated at any time through the democratic process (i.e., through an act of Congress) -- but is that really something that we are prepared to do?"
* jeralyn:
"For ten years, well before 9/11, the CIA has had a secret unit, Alec Station, dedicated to finding Osama bin Laden. Yesterday, it confirmed the unit was closed last year.

The CIA's rationale: Bin Laden isn't so dangerous anymore because terror groups no long work in a "hierarchal" fashion. They are more spread out, which according to the CIA, warrants a focus on "regional trends rather than on specific organizations or individuals.""


damien said...

So what's new? They never, ever wanted to find bin Laden.

lukery said...


i still havent worked out if its becuase OBL is on the same team, or if he's just useful. i suspect it's the former.

damien said...

fwiw, I don't think they're on the same team. Just a marriage of convenience. Bush pretends to hunt for OBL, and he does nothing because he's either dead or happy to see them make a mess of themselves in the ME.

...which reminds me of that old joke about Soviet workers: "the system works admirably. We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us."

Jees I'm lucky you guys have got some ideas...I'm all out and life has just been rolling over me like a bad breaker.

I'll try to read a bit at least. cheers.

lukery said...

mate - sorry to hear that things are a bit of a struggle at the mo.

i was wondering how you have been.


rimone said...

what lukery said, Damien (these last 9 months since Katrina have been the worst in my life, not that that'll help you, although i wish i could).


damien said...

Thanks, Rimone. There's nothing life threatening, just a few difficulties that are taking up my time. Unfortunately unless I keep up on the politics I can't maintain the illusion that I actually know something. All it takes is a few decent posts from Kathleen, Don, Miguel and yourself and my cover is blown! I'm only pretending to know stuff! Still, it's a lot more useful that I be here rather than suffering wall to wall aussie press reports of unparalleled idiocy ("stay the course"). Cheers to you.

rimone said...

i love modest dudes. :-) especially those deluded enough to think i make decent posts.

i really admire your work, although i can't read too much of it at one sitting...i'm already worse than depressed (you're in good company--i can't watch F9/11, only saw it once since nov 04 but tried to watch it again a few months back and it was too painful. same w/oliver stone's JFK--i get too emotional).