Saturday, July 01, 2006

find, exploit, eliminate

so i was looking for some stuff related to the iraq survey group, and happened to stumble across the ISG insignia at wikipedia.

find, exploit, eliminate.

wtf does 'exploit' mean?

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Andy Wilson said...

Yeah, I came across this today too. I kinda thought it was ironic, given the subsequent Iraq war. It could be interpreted by some to have been find, exploit and eliminate Saddam or even the Iraqis!

I did a little googling, and came across, which states "the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), ... replacing the 75th Exploitation Task Force, which had originally been assigned the mission".

I can't seem to find out what an "Exploitation Task Force" is, but I'm wondering if "exploit" is some sort of military term, which doesn't quite mean the same thing as what we usually think. Note that Wikitionary defines an exploit as "a heroic or extraordinary deed". Could this be related?