Saturday, July 01, 2006

rove and 250 pages of missing emails

* flashback: emptywheel points to this March article from Larisa:
According to several Pentagon sources close to Rove and others familiar with the inquiry, Bush's senior adviser tipped off Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to information that led to the recent "discovery" of 250 pages of missing email from the office of Vice President Dick Cheney.


According to one source close to the case, Rove is providing information on deleted emails, erased hard drives and other types of obstruction by staff and other officials in the Vice President's office. Pentagon sources close to Rove confirmed this account.

None would name the staffers and/or officials whom Rove is providing information about. They did, however, explain that the White House computer system has "real time backup" servers and that while emails were deleted from computers, they were still retrievable from the backup system. By providing the dates and recipient information of the deleted emails, sources say, Rove was able to chart a path for Fitzgerald directly into the office of the Vice President.
let's assume that is all true.

firstly who are "Pentagon sources close to Rove"? Does Ledeen qualify as 'pentagon'? possibly. I can't think of anyone else there that is particularly close to Rove.

secondly, i wonder how rove knew the dates and recipient information of the deleted emails - unless he himself had a record of them - which he presumably didnt cough up first time round.

thirdly, why wasn't the original search in 2003 done from the backup servers - aka the official record?

four: why did larisa jump from "obstruction by staff and other officials" to "the staffers and/or officials"

five: when does the OVP go to jail?

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