Saturday, July 15, 2006

go about buying a Senator

* jane:
" Holy Joe has boatloads of cash and he’s spending it like a drunken sailor — $5 million to date, and $4.2 in the bank. It’s a FUCKING ENORMOUS amount of money to spend in a state like Connecticut, and he will end up outspending Lamont 2 to 1 — doing nothing positive and going on the air with hateful, mean spirited attacks. If anyone wants to know how the defense industry, the pharmaceutical industry and soul-sucking lobbies like NARAL and HRC go about buying themselves a Senator, this is how it’s done."

*via jane:
"Frankly, Lieberman’s decision to prepare a backup plan may undermine his own cause in the primary. Think about Lamont’s main grievance against Lieberman: that the incumbent is not a real Democrat. By prepping an indepedent run, Lieberman is proving Lamont’s charge true."

* driftglass:
"And Tom Friedman regularly writes columns that do what good journalism is supposed to do: comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."

* brad:
Denounces Adminstrative Failures, Irregularities, Security Breaches and Diebold Voting Machine 'Sleepovers' in Bellwether June 6th U.S. House Special Election!"

Yay Brad!

* clemons:
"ABC News is reporting that Palestinian Gunmen have blown a hole through an Egypt border wall and a flood of people crossed into Gaza. One can only speculate why anyone would rush into Gaza unless preparing to fight the Israeli incursion. My own speculation is that this may be a bunch of Muslim Brotherhood empathizers. Not good.

Yesterday, Israel Ambassador to the U.S. Daniel Ayalon said that the "masterminds" behind the Hezbollah attacks from Lebanon are in Damascus and Tehran, but refused to provide details of potential Iranian or Syrian involvement. But the mention of these two capital cities may reflect posturing for a serious broadening of Israel's engagement against states in the region. Not good."

* wapo:
"The House Government Reform Committee has subpoenaed the former law firm of convicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff for records of any contacts he or members of his lobbying team had with the Bush White House."

(ps - does anyone have any microwave recipes for rubber chicken?)

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