Saturday, July 15, 2006

Don't Kill My Grandson for Oil

LeeB in the comments:
"Speaking of BartCop, check out Vol. 1000, scroll down about a third of the page and see a photo of a grandma wearing a blue jacket, red pants, and a "sandwich-board" style protest sign that says, "Don't Kill My Grandson for Oil."

I found her taking a break on her way with the rest of us - tens of thousands of peace marchers - in Seattle on February 15, 2003. The shot also has a wee bit of additional editorializing above her head that I didn't notice until I downloaded the photos. Heh.

You probably remember that was the day that brought out something like 15 million people all around the world trying to stop this madness. I believe raisinbrain called us a focus group."

great pic LeeB!

i'd kinda forgotten that the impeachment movement went back that far.

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